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Our '87 Merkur XR4Ti with 5 speed
"What? He's working on it again?!?"  Our neighbors have often asked, "Is it broken again?" or "Haven't you fixed it yet?".  Then I get to explain to them for the 5th time that nothing is broken...I'm just tinkering and having fun on my Merkur XR4Ti.  Being a Mechanical Engineer and a car enthusiast make it hard for me to leave "good enough" alone.  It's my hobby to tinker on the XR4Ti and try to improve upon it's original design.  This is hard for most people to understand, but fellow car enthusiasts know what I am talking about .... IT'S FUN!

Here's a list of some of the modifications I've done to my Merkur XR4Ti:
Custom Air/Water Intercooler System - SOLD (article still available)
Water Injection System - 2nd Generation (older system)
Water Injection System - 3rd Generation (currently on car - write up not finished)
.... sorry to those of you that have been waiting for this.  Life has gotten too busy and I don't know when, if ever, I will write this up.  My priorities have changed, and I probably won't provide much more info on this.
Turbonetics Stage I Upgraded T3 Turbo with GN Compressor Wheel - SOLD (article still available)
Hi Flow Exhaust - 3" Mandrel Bent DP, 3" CAT, Magna Flow Muffler (3" IN, DUAL 2.5" OUT)
Ported Big Valve Cylinder Head
Turbonetics T3/T4 Hybrid Turbo
Ford SuperCoupe Air/Air Intercooler Installation
Ford C4 Transmission Swap
60mm Throttle Body
Ported Intake & Exhaust Manifolds
K&N Cone Filter in cold air plenum
Boost set at 20psi
Bosch Bypass Valve
45pph flow matched Bosch injectors
Walbro Hi-Pressure 255lph Fuel Pump
EEC Tuner
Added a 7.5" Limited Slip Differential (got it from a junkyard in England)
Added NOS Dry Nitrous Kit with small 30HP shot to flash tight C4 torque converter
Currently (08-28-03) running Kuhmo 711 street radials (320 treadwear) (225/50's on back)


My Merkur XR4Ti has been probably been the most enjoyable car I've ever owned.  Sure, it has plenty of quirks and problems, but that was part of the fun for me in working on the car and making it better.



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