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David Godfrey is putting together another 2.3L engine for his newest XR4Ti project - "KurTwo".  David has designed a dual Air/Air and Air/Water intercooler system for this latest car.  Both IC cores are from Spearco.  The Air/Water core is neatly packaged into the custom upper intake manifold that David designed.  David is researching the idea of putting a supercharger on this engine.  He also made a custom mount for a 130amp alternator + much more....

Click here to check out some photos of David's radical Ford 2.3 Turbo engine!



David has created very detailed instructions for his brake bracket upgrade kits.  Select the following documents to view the detailed instructions as well as get ordering information for David's kits.

Front Brake Upgrade

Rear Disc Brake Conversion  (updated 12/9/01)



David specified and C&R manufactured a radiator to work with KurTwo's front mounted Air/Air Intercooler.  This radiator design is similar to the units used on the Sierra Cosworth and RS500.

Click here for pics of C&R Racing radiator (as well as the front mount air to air intercooler).



David has designed a manual clutch adjuster that permits much better control of clutch action.

Click here for info on the adjuster, lots of photos, as well as installation instructions.



David has designed a set of camber adjusters to allow fine tuning of the suspension geometry.

Click here for information on these adjusters and some photographs.



Here is a new air/air intercooler that David had made for use with a custom rotated upper intake manifold that he designed.  This intercooler works with the custom, shortened C&R radiator shown above.

Click here to see photos of the new Spearco air to air intercooler.



David created a bracket to fit an aluminum 94 T-Bird master cylinder to the XR.

Click here for photos and details of the brake master cylinder upgrade.



David took some photos of a Bosch pump (used on the Ford Lightning) and a Jabsco pump which can be used on an air/water intercooler system.

Click here to see some photos of the two different intercooler pumps.


KurTwo PROJECT UPDATE (added 10/7/01)

David has taken a lot of photos of his progress on KurTwo.  Featured here are the battery box installation, Sierra headlight modifications, oil cooler install, Corbeau seats, knife edged crankshaft, and modified rear main cap.  Click on the following links to see:

Battery box installation

Sierra headlight modifications

Oil cooler install

Corbeau seats

Knife edged crank & modified rear main


KurTwo PROJECT UPDATE  (added 10/22/01)

Here are some photos showing more details of David's progress on KurTwo.  Includes some pictures of the cockpit, brake proportioning valve, and some photos of the engine with ATR header, external wastegate, 3" downpipe, and turbo.

Click here to see more detailed pictures of ATR Header, External Wastegate, & more.


KurTwo PROJECT UPDATE  (added 11/12/01)

In this update, there are photos of David adapting a Mitsubishi alternator to his 2.3.  The Mitsubishi alternator is more compact and lighter than the 130 AMP alternator David was originally planning to use.  David fabriated a mounting bracket and spacers to adapt this alternator to his engine.  Also, there is a photo showing David's heater core modifications with -AN fittings bonded in place.

Go here to see these photos of Mitsubishi alternator install.



In this update, there are pictures and a write up from David regarding modifications he made to his ATR wastegate.  These modifications were done in order to obtain better boost control.

Click here to see David's photos and description of the ATR wastegate modification.



 Click here to see these latest modifications to KurTwo including cold air intake.


KurTwo PROJECT UPDATE  (added 6/30/02)

Click here to see some pictures of ATR header, Tial wastegate, and more.


KurTwo PROJECT UPDATE (added 09/08/02)

Click here to see pictures of interior and exterior of David's Merkur XR4Ti.


KurTwo Engine Pictures (added 10/05/02)

Click here to see some pictures of the modified Ford 2.3 Turbo engine.  


DG Design Intercooler and Radiator (added 10/27/02)

Click here to see the high quality custom radiator and intercooler David sells.


DG Design Camber Adjustment Kit Installation Instructions (added 11/03/02)

Click here to see installation instructions for David's innovative camber adjustment kit.


KurTwo2 - Progress on the Ford Duratec 3.0 V6 Transplant (added 11/24/02)

Click here to see some pictures of David's latest work on the Duratec 3.0 Engine Swap.


KurTwo2 - Duratec 3.0 V6 in XR4Ti Engine Compartment (added 12/15/02)

Click here to see pictures of the Ford Duratec 3.0 V6 engine in David's Merkur XR4Ti.


KurTwo2 - Custom Flywheel (added 01/05/03)

Click here to see some detailed pictures of David's custom flywheel for KurTwo2.


KurTwo2 - Headers and Exhaust System (added 03/16/03)

Click here to see the custom headers and exhaust that David is working on.


KurTwo2 - Intake Sneak Preview (added 03/16/03)

Click here to see sneak preview pictures of the Duratec 3.0 V6 intake.


KurTwo2 - Final Intake Design (added 05/26/03)

Click here to see pictures of the Duratec 3.0 intake design.


New XR4Ti Front Brake Upgrade Kit Instructions (added 05/27/03)

Click here to see David's front brake upgrade kit using the Mustang PBR calipers.


KurTwo2 - Cooling System Work & Hall Sensor Hub for SDS (added 09/28/03)

Click here to see pictures of a custom hub for Hall Sensor for SDS engine management.


Intake Manifold for Rick Byrne's Bonneville Racer (added 10/26/03)

Click here to see the intake manifold that David made for Rick Byrnes Bonneville race car.


KurTwo2 - Modified Coil Over Struts (added 10/26/03)

Click here to see David's modified coil overs for his Merkur XR4Ti.


KurTwo2 - Custom Instrument Panel (added 11/19/03)

Click here to see the custom instrument panel.


KurTwo2 - Intake System Completed (added 04/06/04)

Click here to see how David's Ford Duratec 3.0 Intake turned out.


8.8 Limited Slip Differential Merkur Conversion Kit (added 04/06/04)

Click here to see the 8.8 differential conversion kit David is designing.

For more information, send David an e-mail at .

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