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Ford 2.3 Turbo & Merkur XR4Ti Car Projects, RC Trucks, & Off Road Go Karts

Ford 2.3 Turbo Hybrid T3/T4

This site is filled with information related to Ford 2.3 turbo cars and specifically the Merkur XR4Ti.  In addition, there is some information regarding off road go karts and a little bit of info on rc trucks.  Much of this site is dedicated to the Ford 2.3 Turbo engine.  The Ford 2.3 engine was placed in the Merkur XR4Ti, Mustang SVO, Thunderbird TurboCoupe, and a few other Ford & Lincoln-Mercury cars.  The Ford 2.3 is one of the toughest production 4 cylinder engines that has ever been made.  True, the 2.3 design is fairly crude and originally dates back to the 70's, but what it lacks in refinement, the Ford 2.3 turbo engine makes up for in good ole "over engineering"!  Completely stock short block 2.3 engines have been known to be able to withstand power outputs approaching 400HP!  Ford 2.3 turbo powered drag cars can run 10's in the 1/4 mile and put V8 cars to shame! This is all a testimony to the over engineering that Ford did on this engine.  High quality forged pistons and strong forged connecting rods - along with a high nickel content cast iron block and a cast crank that just won't die - make up for a very strong foundation on which to build high horsepower.  The creator of this site owned a Merkur XR4Ti and has tinkered on it for many years.  The XR4Ti is an orphan Ford that was sold in the US through Lincoln Mercury dealers in the mid-late 80's.  It was made in Germany and imported here.  In some ways, it's the "European SVO" in many ways.  It has the same tough Ford 2.3 turbo engine.  The Merkur XR4Ti never really caught on in the US, and didn't sell in the numbers that Ford has hoped.  Fortunately, there is still a large group of Merkur enthusiasts that preserve the memory of the XR4Ti and who see the tremendous potential of this car and the Ford 2.3 turbo engine that powers it! 


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For the true motorhead, just about anything engine powered can be of interest.  You know you might be a motorhead if you can't leave good enough alone.  If you are the type of person that is fascinated with motorized vehicles and constantly trying to improve upon things (trying to extract every last bit of power and speed out of it), then you might in fact be a motorhead.  If you are the type that even takes the riding mower and tries to hot rod it, then you might really be a motorhead!  That's why the author of this web site has been fascinated with the Ford 2.3 Turbo engine, various off road go karts, motorcycles, utility vehicles, rc cars & trucks, and numerous other motorized vehicles.  Most of the projects are not documented anywhere.  This site has only a tiny sampling of the madness.  And yes, the author of this page is also crazy enough to have hot rodded his riding lawn mower!  Here's another site made by this site owner's son.  Check it out here:         1998-2012  All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy